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First Research Meeting Keynote Lecture




The First Session on Early Development: Attachment and Resilience

- Expectations for PCIT/CARE from Parent and Child Mental Health -

Keynote Lecture Summary:

  • The relationship between attachment and trauma in early development

    • The process of neurodevelopment and attachment

    • Perspective on relational trauma in early development (Relational Trauma; Scheeringa & Zeanah, 2001)

    • Intergenerational transmission of attachment and resilience (Tronick, 2019)

  • Interventions towards nurturing parent-child mutual interactions for resilience

    • Attachment-based interventions – The significance of attachment as a resilience factor

    • Interventions using video feedback (VIPP Bakermans-Kranenburg et al., 1998; CAVES Schechter et al.,) - The expansion of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) (Kamo, 2010; Han et al., 2020)

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