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First Lecture: "Deepening Bonds Between Adults and Children in the Post-Corona Era"

Date and Time: July 31, 2022 (Sunday) from 13:00 to 16:00

Location: Online @ZOOM (Archive streaming available for about a month)

Participation Fee: 1,000 yen

Ticket Purchase: Please purchase via the Peatix site. → [Link]

Closing Report: We had over 130 participants. Thank you for joining us.


Lecture Details:

     In the summer of 2022, it seems Japan is facing the 7th wave of COVID-19, amid an exceptionally hot summer. Infections seem to be spreading among children, and a return to pre-COVID levels of freedom remains challenging, adding to the stress and hardships of those in parenting roles. Our research group, composed of specialists practicing Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE), aims to deepen positive bonds between parents and children. For this event, we planned to share and disseminate the essence of PCIT and CARE to caregivers and professionals involved in caregiver support.

     For our first session, we invited Dr. Hiro Yamashita (Kyushu University) and Vice-representative Dr. Kazue Kimura (Kyushu University) as speakers. Dr. Yamashita will discuss "Mental Health of the Parenting Generation in the Post-Corona Era - Resilience Nurtured by the PCIT/CARE Community," and Dr. Kimura will explore "Deepening Bonds Between Adults and Children - Let's Experience CARE," including a role-play scenario to demonstrate engaging positively with children.

     This lecture is aimed at parents and professionals involved with children, such as kindergarten teachers, childcare workers, school teachers, staff of after-school children's clubs, child development support services, doctors, psychologists, nurses, and other co-medical personnel, to provide insights on post-corona parenting. We invite you to join us and feel free to bring someone along.

Please ensure to download Zoom before the lecture.

Time Schedule:

13:00 - Opening remarks, purpose of the lecture, introduction of speakers

Hosted by Dr. Yasumasa Seguchi (Hizen Psychiatric Center)

13:10 - Lecture: "Mental Health of the Parenting Generation in the Post-Corona Era - Resilience Nurtured by the PCIT/CARE Community"

Speaker: Dr. Hiroshi Yamashita (Kyushu University): 60 minutes

(Break 5 minutes)

14:15 - Lecture: "Deepening Bonds Between Adults and Children - Let's Experience CARE"

Speaker: Dr. Hitoe Kimura (Kyushu University): 60 minutes

Role-play assistance: Dr. Akiko Kasahara (Hizen Psychiatric Center), Dr. Kaoru Ito (Kumamoto Prefectural Children's Comprehensive Development Center)

(Break 5 minutes)

15:20 - Panel Discussion

Host: Dr. Yasumasa Seguchi

Panelists: Dr. Hiroshi Yamashita, Dr. Hitoe Kimura

Designated Discussants: Research group members

15:50 - Conclusion and closing remarks

16:00 - End

Based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

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